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PCB Manufacturer Shenzhen, China

Chinese Flexible PCB ,Rigid-flex PCB,MCPCB, Shenzhen Manufacturer/Vendor/supplier
PCB Contract manufacturer, PCB Fabrication,Buried & Blind Via PCB Fast Prototype;
PCB maker Outsourcing,Aluminum Al metal core PCB, Low cost,China/USA/UK/Canada/South Africa

PCB Manufacturer Shenzhen, China,Quote online,Flexible/Rigid-flex/MCPCB/Rogers/Multilayer PCB,

  • PCBSINO Locate in Shenzhen, China, a PCB manufacturer, advantage as:
    quick turn and low cost high quality Fast PCB Prototype;
    Print circuit boards mass production contract Manufacturing, or as one of your subcontractor;
    Senior engineer will take care of each step of PCB production from Gerber check to testing and to end product

    Our PCB include:
    Flex Flexible PCB;
    Rigid-Flex PCB;
    Single side circuit boards;
    double side Print circuit boards
    Multilayer PCB;

    our capability:
    High Density precision PCB
    Impedance control PCB
    Buried & Blind Via print circuit board;
    Gold Finger PCB;
    Lead free/ROHS/UL
    Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface;
    Heavy Copper PCB

    we have PCB material warehouse in stock:
    FR4, High TG FR4, Rogers 4003, 4350,Al Aluminum metal Core MCPCB, Al2O3 Ceramic,Taconic,Halogen Free material, CEM-3, Fr2, CEM-1, CEM-2, 94VO, Rogers HF material, Polymide,Flexible PCB FPC etc. UL certification.


FPC,Flexible PCB,Rigid-flex PCB,Fast PCB Prototype

Rigid Flex PCB Flexible connector,touch panel...Fast Prototype
FPC Information: 4 layer,2Layer,1 layer FPC,Flexible PCB,0.08mm-0.3mm

Flex PCB

Rigid-Flex PCB, Flex FPC vendor Shenzhen,China

PCB Description: Blind via PCB rapid prototyping, Production
PCB Infomation: Flexible FPC PCB prototyping services


Fast PCB,Rapid Proto board,Blind via PCB Rapid prototype

MCPCB Application: LED Display board,LED Display PCB,Heatsink PCB,express PCB...
Metal Core PCB: Thermal conductivity parameter:1.0, 1.8, 2.5...

Rogers PCB

Rogers 4350,Rogers 4003, ITEQ Fr4, Quote online

High Speed: High speed, RF PCB boards manufacturer
Rogers Information: 40 layer --2Layer, 1 layer, 0.2mm-5mm or more

Blind via

blind and buried pcb Manufacturer,

Buried via High quality blind and buried via PCB
HDI PCB: blind and buried via Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB

Contract manufacturing of multilayer pcb

high speed High Speed PCB Mass Production, Fabrication
impedance impedance control HDI PCB

edge plating

PCB manufacturer China, PCB prototyping

half hole half hole pcb, Mass Production,
half hole Carbon/Silver Ink Printing or Gold-plated Surface

Fast Prototype Manufacturing, Low cost Express PCB Supplier/vendor.

  • Customer Service Guideline for PCB factory line:
    Quick response, Professional Service & Strive for the best.
    Flexible PCB (polyimide polyester FPC), Flexible PCB connector and Rigid PCB prototype sample / mass production.
  • Raw PCB fast Prototype output varieties: 3000 types per month
  • Raw PCB output volume: 100,000 suqare feet per month
  • Quick turn / fast Prototype service, Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing:
  • Customer allover North America (USA - United States, Canada), Europe(UK - United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria), India, South Africa...
  • The quickest Prototype lead time for 2-layer PCB: 24 hours

    High Density PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger PCB,
    Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Golde surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
    Rogers PCB,Rigid Flex PCB, Teflon PCB, Halogen Free PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature PCB), HF PCB(High Speed PCB);
    Aluminum PCB(Metal Core MCPCB)

PCB Price for single Layer, double layer,4,6,8...

  • PCB Price Fr4 laminate (Mass production price)
    PCB price: (professional, high quality FR4 laminate) Quote online
    others High TG FR4,Rogers 4003,4350,Al Aluminum metal base,Taconic,Halogen Free material,
    CEM-3,Fr2,CEM-1,CEM-2,94VO, Rogers HF material, etc please email request
    29USD$/sq metre for single side PCB(if for FR1 22USD)
    47USD$/sq metre for 2 layers PCB (double sides);
    96USD$/sq metre for 4 layers Multilayer PCB;
    6 layers Multilayer PCB;
    8 layers Multilayer PCB;
    10-40 layers Multilayer PCB;

Quick turn Prototyping 24 hours

  • quick turn Prototyping (24 hours)
    Lower to 20USD for double side PCB, base on PCB Gerber
    the other layer type please email us

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com