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PCB Production PCB Manufacturer China, Multilayer PCB Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, 4-40 layer,Low cost production

PCB Manufacturer, quick turn Fast PCB Prototype, low cost High quality Bare PCB Contract Manufacturing, Multilayer // double side //FPC, High Density precision PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger, Lead free/ROHS/UL;
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Material: FR4, High TG FR4, Rogers 4003,4350,Al Aluminum metal base,Taconic,Halogen Free material, CEM-3,Fr2,CEM-1,CEM-2,94VO, Rogers HF material, Polymide,Flexible PCB FPC etc. UL certification, quote & order 24 hour;

Customer Service Guideline for PCB factory line:
Quick response, Professional Service & Strive for the best.
Flexible PCB (FPC) and Rigid PCB Sample or mass production.

PCB fast Prototype output varieties: 3000 types per month

PCB output volume: 100,000 suqare feet per month

Quick turn / fast Prototype service:

Customer allover North America (USA - United States, Canada), Europe(UK - United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria), India...

The quickest Prototype lead time for 2-layer PCB: 24 hours
The quickest Prototype lead time for 4-8 layers PCB: 48 hours
The quickest Prototype lead time for 10 layers PCB or above: 120 hours

High Density PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger PCB,
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Golde surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Rogers PCB,Rigid Flex PCB, Teflon PCB, Halogen Free PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature PCB), HF PCB(High Frequency PCB);
Aluminum PCB(Metal Base PCB)

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us,quote & order 24 hour.


PCB Production PCB Manufacturer China, Multilayer PCB Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, 4-40 layer,Low cost production

Producing a PCB

The following is a guide to making simple circuits using mega UV units, tanks and consumables.

Firstly design the required circuit. The best option is to design the circuit on a computer and print or plot a 1:1 artwork onto a translucent or transparent film. Ideally print the artwork via a Laser printer onto LaserStar film, (100-062), or on an Inkjet Printer with JetStar Premium film (100-075). If the software allows print a mirror image of the circuit as this will ensure the black areas of the artwork will be in contact to the PCB's Photoresist during UV exposure. If the circuit is to be designed manually then lay a piece of translucent drafting film over a grid (both supplied in an RA60 drafting pack.Manufacturing Specs

> ExpressPCB offers a choice of several manufacturing options, including two-layer and four-layer circuit boards. The specifications for each of these choices are listed below.

Production Service produce boards from EAGLE CAM files
Services/Board Houses PCB PRODUCTION
How to get your own board made PCB MANUFACTURING PROCESS PCB Production Process-Control Software

Find reliable process-control software for pcb production service providers & process-control software for pcb production service suppliers from China, Hong Kong & Asia via hktdc.com. This category contains process-control software for pcb production service providers & process-control software for pcb production service suppliers verified by renowned authentication companies.

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Process-Control Software for PCB Production Service Providers
Below are some images from the printed circuit board manufacturing process. Including, drill, plating, and final fabrication. All our circuit boards go through intensive testing and quality control during each step of the manufacturing process. PCB Production Line...
Defence Electronics demands very high performance and operational environment parameters on all production products (in the main). To that end we use sophisticated CAD software to design and simulate all of our electronics circuits and software programs - including that of microcode and FPGAs etc.
Kits for the production of printed circuit boards using ultra-violet techniques.

The kits are intended as an introduction to photo-etch PCB production and include comprehensive instructions enabling the complete novice to make excellent quality PCBs with minimum effort
Basic kit A, comprises drafting transfers, etching tray, etching kit and printed circuit boards
Kit B comprises all materials plus UV exposure unit
Complete kit C comprises all materials plus UV exposure unit, PCB drill, stand and power supply

Photograph for illustrative purposes only - individual items may vary slightly from those shown.
We then optimise and design the PCBs we need and can handle up to 16 layer boards currently and half a metre square! That said we can design a small ceramic substrate pcbs of less than 2mm square....

Given the coatings and silver plating we currently enjoy a good supplier relationship and have the conventional PCBs etched and coated out of our production area. We continue to explore bringing this in house and for now this makes little economic sense. All boards are coded and are 100% fully tested (not batch tested), and we barcode each so they are unique and can be carefully managed in the production and thence supply chain.


There are a number of techniques for producing a circuit board. The most prominent methods are:

1. Acid etching
The most common method, used for everything from high-volume industrial to hobbyist board production. A circuit design is applied to a copper-coated board using acid-resistant material.

Do you need to calculate the cost impact of changes to layer counts, materials impedance, track/gap widths or the effect of adding HDI microvias when designing new PCBs?

The Sanmina PCB Predictive Cost Calculator (PCC) is a convenient, simple and free utility that allows you to calculate approximate cost impacts online for customized projects by entering design attributes and material choices.
Let San Francisco Circuits' buying power work for you in getting you the lowest cost PCBs!

With our extensive group of fully qualified PCB partners we can provide our customers with the best PCB prices in the industry. Whether you are looking for an Asian connection to handle your high volumes at the best possible prices; or you have some high technology boards requirements that you want the best deal on we can make it happen; low cost PCBs with high quality customer service.

You can send your layouted PCB to a professional service that will produce an industrial-quality board. These will usually require your files in the industrial standard format "Gerber" or "RS-274X", which you can export directly from Fritzing.
It is however still a bit tricky to use these services: They will require some expert knowledge, and are commonly oriented towards mass production, not the production of a single board. Some companies have recently specialized on more individual productions (so-called "batching" or "pooling" services).

Board Houses

A selection of companies that produce PCBs

> The Production Service is designed for 2-layer PCBs that include the silkscreen and solder mask layers. These additional layers give the boards a very professional appearance. This is also our best value when ordering large quantities of boards.


> Production Service boards have top and bottom copper layers with all holes plated through.
From the circuit diagram sketch the 1:1 circuit out onto drafting film in blue crayon or blue pen. Then rub down the Seno dry transfer over the sketch using an artwork spatula (RA609). Any blue lines left on the drafting film will be lost during exposure and will not be reproduced on the PCB laminate.