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PCB Manufacturer China,Global outsourcing,PCB Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Low cost production

PCB Manufacturer, quick turn Fast PCB Prototype, low cost High quality Bare PCB Contract Manufacturing, Multilayer // double side //FPC, High Density precision PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger, Lead free/ROHS/UL;
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Material: FR4, High TG FR4, Rogers 4003,4350,Al Aluminum metal base,Taconic,Halogen Free material, CEM-3,Fr2,CEM-1,CEM-2,94VO, Rogers HF material, Polymide,Flexible PCB FPC etc. UL certification, quote & order 24 hour;

Customer Service Guideline for PCB factory line:
Quick response, Professional Service & Strive for the best.
Flexible PCB (FPC) and Rigid PCB Sample or mass production.

PCB fast Prototype output varieties: 3000 types per month

PCB output volume: 100,000 suqare feet per month

Quick turn / fast Prototype service:

Customer allover North America (USA - United States, Canada), Europe(UK - United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria), India...

The quickest Prototype lead time for 2-layer PCB: 24 hours
The quickest Prototype lead time for 4-8 layers PCB: 48 hours
The quickest Prototype lead time for 10 layers PCB or above: 120 hours

High Density PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger PCB,
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Golde surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Rogers PCB,Rigid Flex PCB, Teflon PCB, Halogen Free PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature PCB), HF PCB(High Frequency PCB);
Aluminum PCB(Metal Base PCB)

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us,quote & order 24 hour.


PCB Manufacturer China,Global outsourcing,PCB Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Low cost production

Managing Global Offshoring Strategies: A Case Approach
Jacob Pyndt, Torben Pedersen - 2006 - Business & Economics PCB Sourcing With Experience
By collaborating with GPV Global Sourcing,We work with many suppliers both in the UK, EU and Asia. The quality of the companies that we approve is directly related to the performance that our customers receive.

This is why we work very hard to ensure that all our suppliers are industry leading, with robust and have progressive quality management systems.offering a UK based facility alongside a comprehensive range of Added Value products and services provided through our Global Sourcing unit. Our Rapid Response Quotation is available if you would like us to price your current PCB requirement. Please access the rapid response quote page for direct contact with our Sales Department.What can we do for you? It is easy to start working together for your success.Managing Director
December 2011 – Present (1 year 2 months) Twickenham, London

Responsibility for global sales activity for IX PCB & IX GLOBAL SOURCING. With offices in the UK and Hong Kong IX PCB sources and supplies printed electronics throughout the UK and Europe. The foundation of the business is the strong historical supplier relationships that have been built over the years. This ensures a quality of service that our customers rely on.

Our team in Hong Kong works closely with our partner factories on product sourcing and new technology development. They also manage the consolidation and handling of our logistics requirements.

Our portfolio includes prototype and express services as well as pre-production and production orders. Technology includes single, double and multilayer PCB's, as well as heavy copper and HDI.

IX Global Sourcing is the sister company to IX PCB and has a complimentary product list. This includes Metal products ( Stampings, Machining, Wire forming, Casting ), Plastic products ( Moulding, Silicone, Extrusions etc ). Most products are associated with the electronics industry, however we are able to source for all industry requirements.
Managing Director
Interconx PCB Limited
2002 – June 2011 (9 years)

Interconx-PCB is a global supplier of Printed Circuit boards Keen Ocean Industrial Limited 5 Star Hong Kong SAR
Credit Check
We produce transformers and PCBAs totally in-house Staff: 1,000 to 1,499
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PCB Assembly
PCB Assembly for Professional Audio and Video Product, OEM Projects are Available
Stryker Corp: In-Sourcing Pcbs
Stryker Corporation DATE: July 15th, 2011 SUBJECT: In-sourcing PCBs Project Recommendation The purpose of this memo is to disclose the business evaluation...
Stryker Corporation: In-Sourcing Pcbs
information with Stryker Corporation, resulting in potential risks of information leakage. If the PCB in-sourcing plan works, a well-built internal control system...
Premium Global Sourcing - PCBA - Medical
CyberCoders - Del Mar, CA (Greater San Diego Area)
Job Description

Global Sourcing - PCBA - Medical Sourcing Analyst - Skills Required - Sourcing, Engineering, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), Electronic Assemblies, Electro-Mechanical devices, EMS, PCBA, ODM, PPV - Performance Price Variance, Medical Devices

Senior Sourcing Manager - PCBA / EMS

We have an immediate opening for a Senior Sourcing Manager with PCBA & Electronic Sourcing experience for a growing Global Supplier of Medical Devices in the San Diego Area.

What you need:
- 3+ years sourcing experience for a major manufacturer / PCB Supplier
- Experience working with the top EMS providers
- Experience setting strategies, developing supplier relationships, global pricing trends, and defining strategic sourcing requirements that are FDA regulated
- Experience working with Engineering, Product development and design
- Excellent communication and negotiating skills
- Bachelor's Degree Required - Engineering,BSEE, preferred

Crazy Life
There has never been any doubt the worlds supply of oil was one day going to run out the only question was when? The debate has surfaced again as a split emerged...

specialist in global sourcing of printed circuit boards. PCB Connect combines very experienced people, a solid European sales network and a strong Asian sourcing network to assure customer satisfaction.

Inquire Now
Finenet Electronic Circuit Ltd 4 Star Hong Kong SAR
Credit Check
Trade Show
Reliable PCBs and PCBAs from a 16-year manufacturer Staff: 400 to 449 Certs: ISO 9001:2008/ISO/ More...
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Multilayer PCB
Multilayer PCB with Thickness of 1.6mm; Lamination Service

A discussion with us will quickly pay off. All we need in order to judge the potential for cost reductions are:Global Sourcing Services AG Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Fabrication

At Hutchison International we have many years experience in the global sourcing of Printed Circuit Boards – offshore PCB manufacture and fabrication solutions.

Everything from fast-turnaround prototype PCB manufacture to multi-technology PCB assemblies and volume production.

We offer a wide range of PCB products – from very small single-sided rigid PCBs to high-layer count/high-density micro-via multilayer boards. And closely managed processes mean we can offer all the cost saving benefits of offshore PCB manufacture and assembly, with quality assurance built in.

drawings/parts lists with all information needed for manufacture
inspection procedures/plans
yearly delivery quantities and delivery lot sizes
delivery times
delivery periods/frequency

Continuity of supply is vital to ensure that our customers manufacturing facilities are kept with materials. Therefore we only partner suppliers that are financially sound and are able to support us in the longer term. customers gained access to a supplier concept in which, for example, large PCB batches were manufactured by ...