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Flex Circuit Manufacturer PCB Manufacturer China, PCB Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Multilayer/AL MCPCB/FPC,Low cost production

PCB Manufacturer, quick turn Fast PCB Prototype, low cost High quality Bare PCB Contract Manufacturing, Multilayer // double side //FPC, High Density precision PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger, Lead free/ROHS/UL;
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Material: FR4, High TG FR4, Rogers 4003,4350,Al Aluminum metal base,Taconic,Halogen Free material, CEM-3,Fr2,CEM-1,CEM-2,94VO, Rogers HF material, Polymide,Flexible PCB FPC etc. UL certification, quote & order 24 hour;

Customer Service Guideline for PCB factory line:
Quick response, Professional Service & Strive for the best.
Flexible PCB (FPC) and Rigid PCB Sample or mass production.

PCB fast Prototype output varieties: 3000 types per month

PCB output volume: 100,000 suqare feet per month

Quick turn / fast Prototype service:

Customer allover North America (USA - United States, Canada), Europe(UK - United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria), India...

The quickest Prototype lead time for 2-layer PCB: 24 hours
The quickest Prototype lead time for 4-8 layers PCB: 48 hours
The quickest Prototype lead time for 10 layers PCB or above: 120 hours

High Density PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger PCB,
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Golde surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Rogers PCB,Rigid Flex PCB, Teflon PCB, Halogen Free PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature PCB), HF PCB(High Frequency PCB);
Aluminum PCB(Metal Base PCB)

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us,quote & order 24 hour.


Flex Circuit Manufacturer PCB Manufacturer China, PCB Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Multilayer/AL MCPCB/FPC,Low cost production

3M Flexible Circuit Foundry business is one of the largest of its kind in the world. With more than 25 years of flexible printed circuit (FPC) development and manufacturing, 3M is able to turn your designs into mass-produced flexible circuits and deliver the quality you expect. We serve major OEM's in medical device, inkjet printers, and other markets by providing one-, two- and multi-layer fine pitch flexible circuits. 3M Flexible Circuit Foundry business has developed capabilities and materials to support your FPC design requirements by offering high volume roll-to-roll manufacturing and panel-based manufacturing options.

With a wide variety of capabilities and services, including circuit design and SMS assembly, 3M helps you realize your FPC designs into fine pitch flexible circuits. Guangzhou Sincere Flexible Co, Ltd is a foreign invested to produce flexible circuit boards by investing RMB 28 million in July 2002. Our company has gotten the ISO9001:2000 and UL certificate. The primary producing and detecting equipments are imported from U.S.A and Japan. We own a group of professional engineers, and we have an experienced team of management.

Product Highlights

Double-sided Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board

Double-Sided PCB Circuit Board PFC Flexible Circuits Limited designs, manufactures, and assembles Flexible Circuits-- all under one roof!
Thanks for visiting our website. We invite you to become familiar with it!
Circuit Design:

PFC's extensive engineering experience allows us to work hand-in-hand with our customers to engineer a cost-effective design correctly the first time
We design circuits for Manufacturability, Repeatability, Functionality, and for simplified Electronic Assembly whenever possible
Please see PFC’s Design Centre for tips and instructions for best practice circuit design
Click below for our design guide for more detailed information
Or contact PFC with your design and we would be happy to provide a technical review and design assistance
Flexible Circuits

single-sided circuit, double-sided circuit, multilayer circuit and rigid-flex circuit up to 18 layers
Fine Line designs under 2 mil lines and space in production
Impedance Control circuits and special shielding are also our forte
Look at our technology section here for more details and suggestions
Electronic Assembly Explore the amazing potential of flexible circuits technology to manage high temperatures, reduce weight and space, and save on assembly.

Learn more with half-day workshop sessions on June 12.

Presentations on June 13–14 from an outstanding roster of speakers will provide practical information on a range of technical topics, along with the business outlook for this sector. A special focus on printed electronics is included.
Network in a professional environment during the afternoon luncheon and evening reception.

Tuesday, June 12
Rigid/Flex in the Making — Basic Level
Dale Smith, DAS Flex Circuit Consultant, LLC
9:00 am–12:00 pm
Process Consideration for Flexible Circuits — from Metallization
through Final Finishes — Advanced Level
Mike Carano, Director of Global Business Development & Strategic Marketing, OMG Electronic Chemicals
2:00 pm-5:00 pm

5:00 pm–6:30 pm

Conference Agenda

Wednesday, June 13
8:00 am Check-in and Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Welcome and Introductions
Mike Carano, Director of Global Business Development & Strategic Marketing, OMG Electronic Chemicals
8:45 am Keynote Presentation: Supporting Electronic Innovations: Printed Electronics Opportunities
Happy Holden, Director of Electronics, Gentex Corporation Qflex is an award winning Southern California based company serving the Flexible interconnect industry since 1980. Q-Flex goes far beyond the average flex manufacturer by providing rapid turnaround of prototypes and exotic designs using a wide range of materials and support services. Q-Flex has several patents for developing special products, processes, materials and is involved in making products for communication, general electronic controls, medical, space and military.

Flex PCB This is a four-layer rigid-flex circuit
used by the Army in a hand-held communications device. The SMT bonding sites are selectively plated with nickel/gold.FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) Connectors Overview

FPC is an interconnect solution that is ideal where small centerline spacing makes larger wire-to-board interconnects impractical. As the market trends towards miniaturization, FPC connectors have been developed to meet the challenges of this expanding market, which demands smaller centerline or pitch spacing, lower profile heights and lighter interconnect solutions. The TE Connectivity (TE) FPC solutions are reliable interconnects that utilize an actuator to secure the cable termination and are field terminatable (requires no tooling).
Our FPC solutions are available in centerline spacings of: 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.25mm. All solutions also incorporate a low profile height and light-weight features.

Key Features
Uses FPC / FFC cable
Available in Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) and non-ZIF
Variety of centerline spacing options
Available with tin-lead or lead-free plating
Available in SMT and T/H PCB termination
Available in Right-Angle and Vertical mounting orientations
Right-Angle version available with top or bottom contact
Solder Pads and Kinked legs for PCB retention
Cost effective solution that requires not tooling
Low profile height
Flat Flex Printed Cable Applications
Consumer Electronics
Personal Computers
Mobile Phones
Smart Phones
Personal Navigation Devices
Set Top Boxes
Game Consoles
LC Displays
Business Equipment
Disk Drives
Medical Equipment
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0.25mm pitch Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors NICOMATIC specializes in the development and manufacture of flat flexible cable and
interconnect solutions for flexible circuits. We use pitch 2.54mm and 1,27mm in standard.

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: Single part configurator
: Mating parts configurator

Female contacts

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Male pins

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Male solder tabs

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Housings and accessories

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Jumper cables

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FFC Card cables

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Crimping machines

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PCB connectors

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Discrete wire to flat cable connection

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Crimpflex® Connectors Catalogue (2838 Ko)Termination Methods

There are many ways to terminate a flexible circuit.
Following are common methods for consideration.

Zif Connectors:
Zero Insertion Force connectors are becoming an increasingly popular method to terminate a flexible circuit. Use of a ZIF connector eliminates the need for a mating connector. The flex end "mates" into the connector usually located on the rigid board.
Thru-Hole Connectors or Surface Mount Connectors:
These are the traditionally used connectors in today's circuit boards.

Sculptured Fingers
Sculptured (unsupported) Flexible:
• Robust and durable termination
• Custom built to meet your requirements for pitch, length, and
• Constructed with most copper and substrate thicknesses
• Retains flexibility during installation and use
All Flex Power Flex:
Combine strength and flexibility
• Copper to .010" (.254 mm) allows for higher current capability News and Updates
MicroConnex » Company » News » Flex Circuits » Rapid Prototyping of High Density, Fine-Line Flex Circuits
Rapid Prototyping of High Density, Fine-Line Flex Circuits
Posted the date and time on July 12, 2011, 5:17 pm,
Smaller devices require smaller circuits, and in many cases, those circuits must be flexible enough to bend during use. Unlike rigid printed circuit boards, flexible circuits carry their components on flexible plastic substrates that allow movement during use.

Designing and building a high-density flex circuit that can withstand extreme temperatures, hold up under repeated use, and have lines and spaces as small as 25µm isn’t the easiest of tasks. And, accomplishing this task in 20 days or less with lot sizes as small as one unit requires a tremendous amount of experience and teamwork.

While there are many things any flex circuit manufacturer can do to build high density, fine-line flexible circuits, we have boiled the process down to five essential ingredients.

1. Engineer-to-Engineer-to Engineer Rapport
Flex circuit design is ideally a collaborative experience between an experienced flex circuit team and the customer.

Whereas the customer may arrive with a 6-layer design, we may reduce it to four or even two layers if it reduces the size and cost, improves reliability, and reduces design and manufacturing time without compromising the objectives of the circuit.

There are a tremendous number of variables and options when designing and building a flex circuit. For this reason, establishing a good rapport between your engineers and the flex circuit manufacturer’s engineers is fundamental to your overall success.

To facilitate a collaborative atmosphere, we’ll do the following within 24 hours of receiving an idea, concept or design from a customer:Uniflex Circuits is a flex circuit manufacturer specializing in quick-turn single-sided, double-sided, and rigid-flex designs. Located in Silicon Valley, we offer very competitive prices with an emphasis on quality and service. Our experience has allowed us to contribute to computer, storage, test & measurement, medical, and consumer markets.

Learn more about our in-house fabrication capabilities

View common flex circuit constructions

Link to the latest industry news and information Flexible Circuit Boards

Flex and rigid-flex assembly is part of Altek’s large portfolio of services. We assemble flexible circuit boards for various military and industrial applications to support the advanced technology of our most progressive customers. Flexible circuit assembly and design now includes the following options and technologies:

High Density Interconnect (HDI) flexible circuits
Bonded stiffeners
Selective bonding
Circuit forming
Acrylic adhesive bonding
Epoxy adhesive bonding
All-polyimide bonding
SMT flex circuits
As a leading Contract Manufacturer in the Northeast, Altek Electronics offers customer support with PCB layout and design, prototype assembly, and full production runs. Our engineers are available to consult with you on your most challenging design configurations. Through the process of prototyping circuit boards, we can help you achieve design verification and validation. Altek has partnered with the highest quality PCB fabrication houses with experience in flexible circuits. Altek is a member of various industry trade groups including SMTA and IPC that provide access to conferences and white papers on sound scientific and engineering practices for flexible circuits. Furthermore, our operators are certified to:

who have selected Uniflex Circuits for their quick-turn and medium production flex circuit requirements.
1782 Angela Street, San Jose, CA 95125 • Phone: (408) 998-5500 • Fax: (408) 998-5505
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Distribute the specifications to our flex experts, laser micromachining experts, thin film experts, and others as necessary.
Review the specifications internally and explore existing processes that may be fine-tuned for the given application.
Bring the customer onto a “Web-based” conference call in which we can visually discuss ideas, alternatives and processes.
We’ve found that this kind of collaborative effort is the only way to quickly turn an idea into a working prototype.
in a smaller space
• Custom built to meet your requirements for pitch, length and location
• Selective etching allows for more robust termination while increasing flexibility in selective
Crimped Contacts and Displacement Connectors:
• Contacts crimp through the dielectric material into the copper conductor
• Contacts are available for .100" (2.54mm) or .050" (1.27mm)
• Centerline housings are also available to encapsulate the contact

Additional Custom Termination Options:
• High Density Circular Connectors
• D Subminiature Connectors
• Surface Mount Connectors and Components
Discrete wire connection (206 Ko)
FFC cable (53 Ko)
Jumper Cables (116 Ko)
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NICOMATIC features
Over 20 years of experience, know-how

CRIMPFLEX = excellent mechanical retention & lowest contact resistance on the market

Design & manufacturing of standard & specific solutions

The broadest range of connector solutions
Centerline 0.25mm
Robust actuator, back flip lock, bottom contact, slanted insertion
0.3mm pitch Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors
Centerline 0.3mm
Variety of flip lock type, contact point and actuator shape
0.5mm pitch Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connectors
Centerline 0.5mm
Flip-lock and stuffer actuator types
Right angle and vertical orientation styles
Top and bottom contact versions

Single Sided FPCB
has an etched conductor pattern (usually copper) on one side of dielectric base-film »

Double Sided FPCB
has a single etched conductive pattern on both sides of a dielectric base film »

Company Profile :

For customers who demand high quality at competitive prices, Juniper Circuits, Inc. manufacturers custom flexible printed circuits and flexible interconnects. Juniper’s competitive pricing, high quality and on-time delivery of our single, double and multi-layer flexible circuits board has made us a world-class supplier to both small and large customers.

Flexible circuits facilitate weight reduction of finished electronic products, whilst allowing the increase in circuit density and eliminating bulky connections and wiring. The ability to fold a flexible circuit expands the boundaries of design and packaging.

The Group is well places to meet the strict requirements of the electronic device manufacturing process by offering products of good quality, reliability, at competitive prices and with high volume capacity. With over 8 years 'flexible circuit experience, Onpress is one of the leading flexible circuit manufacturers with annual production capacity of approximately 180,000 sq.ft. of single and double-sided circuits.

The Group's strategy is based on low-cost, high-volume fabrication processes and techniques, with the ability to design circuits in configurations from simple, single-sided conductive paths to complex high-density flexible circuitry.

Pushing the Boundaries
One of our customer wanted a solution for interfacing a high density Multi Chip Module (MCM) to the out side world via multiple layers of flexible circuit with rigid flex design. The final part was a 88 layer flex / rigid flex. To the best of our knowledge, that is the highest ever layer count on flex/rigid flex design. Click here to read more...

Extremely Tight Tolerances
A customer had a need to have very small parts ( over all dimension of 35 mils) made to meet very tight outline and registration tolerances (+/- 1 mil). Challenge was to make these parts in high volume with robust process because inspection of such small parts after fabrication was not an option. In process controls were placed to ensure conformance to these requirements ... more
9:45 am
Case Study: Organizational Transition — from Rigid to Flex
Yash Sutariya, V.P. — Corporate Strategy, Saturn Electronics Corporation/Saturn Flex Systems, Inc.
10:30 am BREAK
10:45 am Sales-Marketing Flex vs. Sales-Marketing of PCBs
Al Wasserzug, Director of Corporate Development, Vulcan Flex Circuit Corporation
11:30 am Design, Fabrication and Electrical Analysis of High Speed Flex
Glenn Oliver, Design/Applications Engineer and Sidney Cox, Ph.D., Research Scientist, DuPont
12:15 pm LUNCHEON

PFC provides electronic assembly whether it be surface mount, through hole, sub assemblies or box builds
PFC has 2 surface mount lines in house and can install components as small as .0201
We install connectors, resistors, and capacitors
01005, 0201, CCGA, COB, MCM, MEM, BGA & micro-BGA, Chip Scale Package (CSP), Fine and ultra fine pitch high pin count connectors (12mil pitch), Flip chips, SOIC, TSSOPBGA, leadless packages
IPC A-610 Class 3, RoHS
Test Capabilities

Flex & Flex Assembly Electrical Continuity Testing
Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
Microsection Inspection
X-ray capabilities
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

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Company Profile
Year of Establishment:
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Nature of Business:
Computer & Peripherals ‚ Electronics & Electrical Appliances ‚ Photographic Equipment
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