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Digital camera Flex PCB application

Digital camera Flex PCB application
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Digital camera Flex PCB application

  • Digital camera Flex PCB application
    Product Details
    Model Number: Flex PCB-001
    Brand Name: Chintech
    Country of Origin: China (mainland)
    Key Specifications/Special Features:
    Number of layer: 1-8layers
    FCCL: 0.5oz RA copper plus 0.5mil PI
    Stiffener: polyimide
    Minimum conductor width/space: 4mil/4mil (0.15mm/0.1mm)
    Surface treatment: gold/nickel-plated, soft Au: 2uft and Ni: 80uft
    Compliant with RoHS Directive
    First things first: The best cheap digital cameras for under $100 are not going to be feature-rich models. They aren't going to take photos that will generate poster-sized prints.

    The best cheap digital cameras can, however, yield photos of good quality for using on the Internet and for making small prints. Before you automatically dismiss a sub-$100 digital camera because of its lack of features and power, keep in mind that cameras with very similar specification lists to these cameras were probably $300, $400, and even $500 cameras half a decade ago. That's the great thing about the $100 price point: The number of features and technologies that drop down into this budget level occur continuously, so a camera that was considered pretty powerful just a few years ago may now have fallen to the $100 price point.

    You also may find some refurbished cameras in this sub-$100 price point. Obviously purchasing a camera that has been re-built can have some risk, as the camera may not include a warranty or may not work for very long. Still, if you're willing to take this chance, you may find an incredible bargain that provides great results for a few years.

    Thanks to technological advancements, today's inexpensive digital cameras have more power than you might think. Here are the some of the best cheap digital cameras for less than $100.

    AOI Testing
    Check for solder paste
    Check for components dow n to 0201"
    Check for missing components, off set, incorrect parts, polarity
    X-Ray Inspection
    X-Ray provides high-resolution inspection of:
    If simplicity is the most important factor in your budget digital camera purchase, it’s unlikely you find something easier to get started with than the Kodak PIXPRO Friendly Zoom FZ43. This is a true beginner camera and one of the few inexpensive cameras that has been consistently updated by Kodak to keep it fresh.
    Micro BGAs
    Chip scale packages
    Bare boards
    In-Circuit Testing
    In-Circuit Testing is commonly used in conjunction with AOI minimizing functional defects caused by component problems.
    Types of Digital Cameras
    A good way to start your search for the best digital camera for your lifestyle is to identify what types of photos you'll likely be taking, and what you'll be doing with them. When you think of the best digital cameras for sale, you're likely thinking of DSLR cameras, or digital single-lens reflex cameras, that can be used with interchangeable lenses, and allow advanced exposure control for creative results limited only by the photographer's imagination. DSLRs have a mirror that allows you to look through the lens as you compose your image, and they are renowned for providing quality results in low light situations.

    Mirrorless cameras have become quite popular in recent years for casual hobbyists, advanced amateurs and others serious about photography who don't require a professional digital camera. These cameras have many features in common with DSLR cameras, but are smaller, lighter, less bulky, and without the mirror. They can also be used with separate mirrorless lenses. Point and shoot cameras are all about ease of use. They're more compact than the other two types, they're lighter and easier to carry, and they're more affordable. They have permanently attached lenses, so they don't allow manual control of key settings like shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

    Maybe the best camera for you is an action camera, designed to attach to helmets, surfboards, cars and bikes, for instance, to chronicle point of view adventures. GoPro and Sony make some of the more popular action cameras available.

    Digital Camera or Smartphone Camera?
    Cameras in many of the latest smartphones offer consistent quality photos and are extremely convenient since many people always have their phones with them. With a smartphone camera, there is also the benefit of instantly sharing your photos with family or friends. On the other hand, even low-end point and shoot cameras offer more photo-taking versatility than smartphones, including real zoom and other lens manipulation. Though some smartphones have manual controls so you can fine-tune photo exposure, many do not, and poor results in low light situations are not uncommon.

    Product Details
    Model Number: EO7391
    Country of Origin: China (mainland)
    Key Specifications/Special Features:
    Materials: Single sided copper clad: 1/2 mil PI, 1/2oz Cu,13um adhesive RA copper
    Cover lay: 1/2mil PI, 25um Adhesive
    Sriffener:9mil PI & 4mil PI
    Bonding film:ADI-25
    Double side tape:3M9077
    Surface finishing: Electro less nickel immersion gold plating
    100% electrical tested
    Quick turn sample and production lead time
    Quotation within 24 hours
    Prototype lead time:
    Single side: 2 days
    The Panasonic DMC-FT30GN Lumix Digital Camera is stylish, tough and makes the perfect everyday camera. This impressive camera a 16.1 MP sensor and a 4 x optical zoom to take quality images and comes with a large 2.7" LCD screen. The camera is water, shock, freeze and dustproof which makes it perfect for any weather conditions.

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    Rigid-Flex PCB

    These PCBs integrate flexible PCBs and rigid PCBs. Because connectors are not required for connection between layers, they are ideal for digital devices that are vulnerable to noise effect. In addition, these PCBs enable the creation of thinner devices by connector-less design and achieve three-dimensional implementation. They are utilized for small mobile devices and digital still cameras that incorporate many high-performance components or cameras.


    Contribution to enhancing the degree of freedom of total design and bending

    Cellular phonesDigital camerasDigital video camerasCamera modules

    Quick Details
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    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: OEM Model Number: fc5005 Base Material: Polyimide Copper Thickness: 1OZ Board Thickness: 0.1mm Min. Hole Size: 0.1mm Min. Line Width: 0.1mm Min. Line Spacing: 0.1mm Surface Finishing: HASL/OSP/immersion gold solder mask: brown silk screen: white
    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details vacuum packing, anti-static package or in your requirements.
    Delivery Time 1-2 weeks
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    Flexible Circuit TECHNICAL PARAMETER
    1-6 Layers
    Min. Line Width:

    Flexible electronics
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    Image of Miraco flexible printed circuits prior to de-panelization.

    An Olympus Stylus camera without the case, showing the flex circuit assembly.
    Flexible electronics, also known as flex circuits, is a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic devices on flexible plastic substrates, such as polyimide, PEEK or transparent conductive polyester[1] film. Additionally, flex circuits can be screen printed silver circuits on polyester. Flexible electronic assemblies may be manufactured using identical components used for rigid printed circuit boards, allowing the board to conform to a desired shape, or to flex during its use. An alternative approach to flexible electronics suggests various etching techniques to thin down the traditional silicon substrate to few tens of micrometers to gain reasonable flexibility, referred to as flexible silicon (~ 5 mm bending radius).[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]
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    Contents [hide]
    1 Manufacturing
    1.1 Advantage of FPCs
    1.2 Disadvantages of FPCs
    2 Applications
    3 History
    4 Flexible circuit structures
    4.1 Single-sided flex circuits
    4.2 Double access or back bared flex circuits
    4.3 Sculptured flex circuits
    4.4 Double-sided flex circuits
    4.5 Multilayer flex circuits
    4.6 Rigid-flex circuits
    4.7 Polymer thick film flex circuits
    5 Flexible circuit materials
    5.1 Base material
    5.2 Bonding adhesive
    5.3 Metal foil
    6 Flexible circuit industry standards and specifications
    7 Further reading
    8 See also
    9 External links
    10 References

    Product Description
    Related Products
    Company Profile
    Our Certifications
    Production Equipmet
    Packing & Delivery
    Report Suspicious Activity
    Quick Details
    Place of Origin:
    Guangdong, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name:
    Model Number:
    Flexible PCB
    Base Material:
    Copper Thickness:
    Board Thickness:
    Min. Hole Size:
    Min. Line Width:
    Min. Line Spacing:
    Surface Finishing:
    Immersion Gold
    Flexible Printed Circuit Board
    camera muddle FPC
    PI, PET,
    Solder mask color:
    Yellow and black
    Custom OEM
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details
    Vacuum package with desiccant.
    Delivery Time

    Product Description
    More related ddetails about digital camera PFC as follows:
    Description of the flexible board

    Flex board: 1-6Layers
    Flex-Rigid Board: 2-8Layers
    PI, PET, PEN, FR-4

    Final Thickness
    Flex board: 0.002 - 0.1 (0.05-2.5mm)
    Flex-rigid board: 0.0024 - 0.16 (0.06-4.0mm)
    Surface Treatment
    Lead-free, ENG Gold, OSP, Immersion silver, Immersion Tin
    Min Trace
    You don't have to get a digital camera to get a camera. Film is still an option, with instant models being extremely popular. Instant formats take away the hassle of getting film developed, and make it easy to share physical images with friends and family immediately after they've been captured. You can get an entry-level model for around $65, and film packs generally cost around $7.50. For a complete rundown on what instant cameras and film formats are sold today, check out our list of the Best Instant Cameras.

    Min Hole Ring
    Inner: 0.5 oz;4mil Outer: 1/3oz-0.5 oz; 4mil
    1oz: 5mil 1oz: 5mil 2oz: 7mil 2 oz;7mil
    Copper Thickness
    Min Hole Size
    Min hole: 8mil
    Solder Mask Alignment Tolerance
    Silkscreen Alignment Tolerance
    Immersion Nickel / Gold
    Nickel: 100u"-200u" Gold: 1u"-5u"
    Immersion Silver
    Sony Alpha a7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only)
    B&H # SOA7R2 MFR # ILCE7RM2/B
    42MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor
    BIONZ X Image Processor
    Internal UHD 4K Video & S-Log2 Gamma
    5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization

    Flexible printed circuits (FPC) are made with a photolithographic technology. An alternative way of making flexible foil circuits or flexible flat cables (FFCs) is laminating very thin (0.07 mm) copper strips in between two layers of PET. These PET layers, typically 0.05 mm thick, are coated with an adhesive which is thermosetting, and will be activated during the lamination process. FPCs and FFCs have several advantages in many applications:

    Tightly assembled electronic packages, where electrical connections are required in 3 axes, such as cameras (static application).
    Electrical connections where the assembly is required to flex during its normal use, such as folding cell phones (dynamic application).
    Electrical connections between sub-assemblies to replace wire harnesses, which are heavier and bulkier, such as in cars, rockets and satellites.
    Electrical connections where board thickness or space constraints are driving factors.

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