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Prototype assembly China, quick turn prototyping

PCB prototype assembly China, fast prototyping
express prototype assembly fabrication, assembly services
prototype assembly services,Shenzhen,China/USA/UK/India/South Africa

PCBSINO PCB assembly rapid Prototyping

  • for two layer PCB prototype, quickest PCB is 24 hours, normally is 3 days for raw PCB, and we order part from digikey/mouser need about 4 days, that means from the 4th day we can do prototype assembly.if board not complicate, we will take 1-2 days to finish assembly then can send out by DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS, use customer courier account number or by HK courier services
pcb ptototype assembly


Turnkey Assembly services

PCB Assembly BGA 0201/0405 QFN prototype assembly
Prototyping quick turn prototyping
pcb ptototype assembly

PCB Assembly

Turnkey Assembly services

Prototype pick and place machine and wave soldering
Prototyping BGA 0201/0405 QFN prototype assembly
pcb ptototype assembly


express PCB prototype assembly

PCB Assembly pick and place machine and wave soldering
Prototype Components procurement from Digikey/mouser...
pcb ptototype assembly


Components procurement from Digikey/mouser...

PCB Assembly fabrication, assembly services
Prototyping SMT and Through Hole Assembly

PCB prototype assembly,rapid prototyping

  • PCB prototype assembly,rapid prototyping
    Reduce Your Cost and Time to Market
    The PCB prototype assembly process at PCBSINO follows the same best practices as our complete turnkey production PCB services. Right from the initial design and layout review to selection and acquisition of the best parts, prototype assembly and testing, our goal is to help you achieve market viability with reduced production time and cost.
    PCB Prototyping
    Are you new to PCB prototyping? Even if so, newer getting PCB prototypes manufactured, PCBSINO are proud that hundreds of students, hobbyists, and PCB designers get their first PCB prototypes made from us. our good quality keep them coming back.
    Printed Circuit Boards Assembly
    UK/Shenzhen PCB Assembly Service
    At PCBSINO we provide friendly and professional Printed Circuit Board manufacturing and assembly services right here in the Shenzhen, ship to UK. We have capacity for manufacturing approximately 600k PCBs per year.
    We manufacture printed circuit boards, provide bespoke testing services and can assemble the full product to specification.
    Our in-line production facilities include:
    Full Surface Mount and Through Hole Assembly
    Automatically Controlled & Monitored Reflow
    Wave Solder
    Automatic Optical Inspection
    Bespoke Electrical Test Design and Service
    RF/Radio Testing

CUSTOM prototype pcb assembly services

  • CUSTOM prototype pcb assembly services
    As a full-service electronics manufacturer, we specialize in high mix, low volume orders. Our custom printed circuit board assembly and construction services include combined construction that is rigid and flexible, double-sided boards, mixed technology of SMT and thru hole, SMOBC, and multilayer. Working with a variety of materials, such as fiberglass, FR-4, polyester, polyamide, and PTFE, allows us to offer our customers a solution that will be right for them. We are able to produce PCBs with two layers or multiple layers, and use a variety of assembly methods to complete each board. We also offer additional services such as component sourcing, layout, rework, and destructive testing.
    It produces manufactured prototype pcb & pre production pcbs from CAD Design Layout, through PCB manufacture to the fully assembled product.
    As a dynamic player in the electronics industry, with a reputation for innovative, dependable PCB manufacturing solutions, we ensure total customer satisfaction. Our experienced technical personnel through out the group specialise in producing quality complex prototype multilayer PCBs, Microvia PCBs, Blind & Buried Via Multilayer PCBs, Flex Rigid PCBs, Buried Resistor prototype multilayer PCBs and Heatsink Planes for PCBs,and prototype assembly on a fast turnaround service.
    In assembly the bare board is populated // stuffed with electronic components to form a functional printed circuit assembly (PCA), sometimes called a "printed circuit board assembly" (PCBA)
    PCB prototype and Assembly
    Custom Electronics From schematic to PCB prototype
    Pro-Active Engineering is your single source for electronics engineering solutions – from concept and prototype through final PCB board production.
    Work with us on either end of the spectrum – custom electronic prototype or contract electronics manufacturing. Better yet, consolidate all your engineering and electronic assembly needs with us for single-source PCB prototyping, PCB assembly and PCB manufacturing integration. We can handle your entire printed circuit board project or assist with custom services for any size job.
    Prototype PCB Assembly
    Prototype PCB Assembly is our specialty. With our professional soldering technicians, SMT process Engineers and component procurement specialists we can provide an affordable highly flexible assembly process with fast turnaround.
    We handle prototype assembly quantities from 1 to 25 boards. This service lets you get complex prototype built for testing without worrying about electronic assembly workmanship. Our proto assembly area has a unique prototyping team that allows flexible mixing of automated and manual part loading stations. We can also easily handle the fine pitch components and BGAs for high density FR-4 boards.
    WE HANDLE BASIC PCB prototype
    Quote and Order prototype PCB assembly Online
    Quote and Order (USA & Offshore) PCB Fabrication Online
    Partner with Newark/Element 14 for components at best prices
    US QuickTurn custom and hi-rel, low volume
    Offshore PCB Fabrication and Assembly for larger volume
    Qualified soldering technicians & Automated Assembly
    Dedicated to On-time & On-spec Delivery

PCB prototype ASSEMBLY

  • PCB prototype ASSEMBLY
    No minimum quantity
    Leaded and lead-free
    No-clean and water clean fluxes
    Single or double sided SMT prototyping
    Thru-hole, SMT, and mixed prototype assembly
    Single or double sided BGAs
    Passives down to 0201 size
    Leadless Chip Carriers/SCP
    Fine Pitch to 15 mils
    PCBSINO express prototype assembly
    PCBSINO, a EMS provider offering PCB & PCBA and relevant service, boasts advanced equipment, a team of well-trained technical and managerial elites. Our products comply with IPC, MIL and UL and are approved with ISO9001/QS9000,
    Circuit Board Assembly Services
    quick turn PCB prototype assembly,
    Our circuit board assembly services use cutting-edge technology to save our customers time and money, taking the fear and headache out of PCB assembly.
    PCBSINO have 20 years experience in advanced PCB Assembly technology, with proven processes and a full range of services. From prototyping, low volume high mix to high volume global manufacturing, we provide Printed Circuit Board Assembly services in over 40 facilities located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Sanmina is a recognized leader, developing the latest PCBA and surface mount (SMT) capabilities including support for :
    01005(0201,0405) components, fine pitch and high count BGAs, Package on Package (POP), Chip on Board, fiber optics, RF microelectronics, press fit connectors
    Hybrid processes (tin-lead and lead-free), pin through hole, wave & selective soldering, double and single sided reflow, wide body and backplanes
    Quick turn prototype assembly, RoHS compliance certification, conformal & parylene coating, laser marking Inspection and testing using the latest SPI, AOI, Flying probe and X-Ray equipment
    Comprehensive electrical testing and test system development for boundary scan, in-circuit test (ICT), functional test and burn in test (BIT)

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com