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Multilayer PCB Manufacturing

Multilayer PCB Prototype Manufacturer China,impedance control HDI
Contract manufacturing of multilayer pcb, blind/buried via,Mass Production
Multilayre PCB, High speed,Shenzhen,China/USA/UK/India/South Africa

multilayer pcb is useful in high-speed application

  • multilayer pcb is used very normal.
    The multilayer pcb is mainly used in industry electronic equipment,Like computers and military equipment, especially in the case that need light weight and volume.The multilayer pcb is also useful in high-speed application. The mltilayer pcb can provide more space for the conductor pattern and power.
multilayer pcb

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB Prototype

blind via Manufacturer China,impedance control HDI
HDI PCB blind/buried via,Mass Production
multilayer pcb

Multilayer PCB

blind/buried via,Mass Production

HDI PCB impedance control HDI
blind via Medical equipment aplication
multilayer pcb


impedance control HDI

impedance 0.1mm Laser drill via
Laser drill Multilayer PCB Fabrication
multilayer pcb

Multilayer PCB

Multilayer PCB Fabrication

impedance Multilayer PCB Prototype
Laser drill Carbon/Silver Ink Printing or Gold-plated Surface
multilayer pcb


Multilayer PCB Fabrication

Multilayer PCB Multilayer PCB Prototype
Aplication: Industry control boards

Benefits of Multilayer PCBs

  • The multilayer pcb is made up by more than two layers which are stacked together with reliable through via or blind via between them. There are at least three conductive layers in one multilayer pcb with two layers outside and the one layer inside the PCB. Due to the complex manufacturing process and lower production , the cost of multilayer pcb is relatively higher.PCBSINO is specialized in multilayer PCB manufacturing for many years.
    Benefits of Multilayer PCBs
    Benefits of Multilayer PCBs (compared to single or double-sided PCBs)
    Higher assembly density
    Smaller size (considerable savings on space)
    Increased flexibility
    Easier incorporation controlled impedance features. EMI shielding through careful placement of power and ground layers.
    Reduces the need for interconnection wiring harnesses (reduces overall weight)
    multilayer PCB fabrication – lay-up and bond
    The outer layers of our multilayer consist of sheets of glass cloth pre-impregnated with uncured epoxy resin (prepreg) and a thin copper foil.

    Multilayer PCB
    Multilayer PCBs have one or more conductor pattern inside the board, to increase the area available for the wiring. This is achieved by gluing (PP) many double-sided circuit boards together with insulating layers in between.
    The number of layers is referred to as the number of separate conductor patterns – usually including the two outer layers. Most boards have between 4 and 8 layers, but PCBs with almost 100 layers can be made.
    Since the layers in a PCB are laminated together, it’s very difficult to tell how many there are, but if you inspect the side of the board with magnifier closely you might be able to count them.
    Large super computers often contain boards with multilayer PCB.

Applications of Multilayer PCBs

  • Applications of Multilayer PCBs
    While the weight and space benefits of multilayer PCBs are especially valuable for Aerospace PCBs, multilayer PCBs are also apply to many critical product. below are a few other the applications using multilayer printed circuit boards:
    File servers
    Data storage
    Signal transmission
    Cell phone transmission
    Cell phone repeaters
    GPS technology
    Industrial controls
    Satellite systems
    Hand held devices
    Test equipment
    X-ray equipment
    Heart monitors
    Cat scan technology
    Atomic accelerators
    Central fire alarm systems
    Fiber optic receptors
    Nuclear detection systems
    Space probe equipment
    Weather analysis

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