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PCB Circuit Design and Layout, Circuit Debug

PCBSINO can help you convert your schematic into a finished PCB ready for assembly. Our philosophy / How we work with you; PCB Layout is a two way process. Effective communication between you and us is key to a successful project. We welcome your questions and suggestions.

PCBSINO PCB circuit design electronic product design
Schematic Capture

The Expertise to Work as an Extension of your Team

Development with Direction : From Concept to Launch
PCBSINO Designer provides businesses with the tools, manpower and expertise needed to turn a great product idea into a successful product ready to ship.

PCBSINO PCB circuit design electronic product design
Electronic Engineering

Our electrical engineering team designs reliable and sophisticated PCBs

LEDs, Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC modules, sensors, HD displays, cameras, and more to work together seamlessly. We have successfully completed projects featuring battery technology, solar power, X-ray systems, virtual reality (VR) tech and more.

PCBSINO PCB circuit design electronic product design
Prototype Circuit Debug

Expert Engineers at Your Service

PCBSINO has over 30 years of deep domain expertise in schematic capture, layout, validation, test, and other areas of microelectronic design. With an extensive library of circuitries, layout stack-ups, modular test infrastructure and other re-usable hardware blocks, we can efficiently design complex and exceptionally reliable embedded hardware.

PCBSINO PCB circuit design electronic product design
Design Services

Extend your development team by partnering with PCBSINO

With decades of design and manufacturing experience, leverage our expertise at any point in your project to accelerate time to market.

PCBSINO PCB circuit design electronic product design
PCB Layout Services

Fabrication Files

Gerber Files
Drill Files
Rout data for PCB cutouts
BOM, including unit and 1,000 piece parts cost.
Pick and Place file (centroid data) for automated assembly.

PCBSINO PCB circuit design electronic product design
Circuit PCB Development

Custom Consumer Circuit PCB Design

Offload your carrier board design to PCBSINO Engineering to receive first article prototypes quickly and reduce risk by leveraging our knowledge of the System on Module to accelerate schematic capture, PCB layout, and design verification.

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com

PCB Layout


Let PCBSINO solve your design needs

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The Expertise to Work as an Extension of your Team

PCB layout
Mixed speed and signal technology
High-speed digital and analog design
Low EMI/RFI design
μBGA, dual-die, fine pitch, PoP (package-on-package), microvias PCB technology, passive components as small as 01005 inch (0402 metric) packaging
Power rail separation, Power over Hours (PoH) analysis
High-density, multi-layer (12+), small form factor PCBs
Signal integrity analysis
Advanced simulation, 3D modeling and pre-compliance testing

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Services Provided

We can take your schematic in any form (pdf, sketch, etc.) and convert it into a proper electronic CAD format. We will create Cadence // PADs // Altium schematic symbols and PCB footprints for each part in your design.

Complete Electronic Project File including:
PCB Layout
Output Settings File
DFM (Design for Manufacturing) Checks ...