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DV Flex PCB application

DV Flex PCB application
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flex pcb

Flex PCB

Rigid FlexPCB Rapid Prototype

Flex PCB prototype of Flex PCB
Flex Prototype Rigid-Flex PCB Rapid Prototype China,
flex pcb

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DV Flex PCB application

  • DV Flex PCB application
    The Developing of Rigid-flex PCB

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    1. Industrial use - industrial applications includingall the rigid-flex PCB will be used inindustrial, military and medical. Most industrial componentsneedcharacteristics of accurate, safe and no soil, so the requirement for rigid-flex PCB features is: high reliability, high precision, low resistance loss, complete signal transmission quality and durability. But the complexity of the processmade the output few and unit price high.

    2. Mobile phones - within the mobile phone application of rigid-flex PCB, folding cell phones are so common turning point (Hinge), image Module (Camera Module), key (Keypad) and radio frequency Module, RF Module, etc. Cell phones use the advantages of rigid-flex PCB, it is the integrated components in the cell phone, and the second is the amount of signal transmission. The current mobile phone products, the use of rigid-flex pcb to replace the original two connectors and the combination of soft board, its most important significance in the product, is that can increase the durability and long-term use of mobile phone folding place, so the rigid-flex pcb is cherished because of its high product stability. On the other hand, due to the popularity of camera phones, integrating multimedia and IT capabilities, combined with cell phones to make phone internal signal transmission quantity is big, the demand of the modular coping.

    3. Consumer electronics, consumer products, with DSC and DV for the development of rigid-flex PCB representative, can be divided into "performance" and "structure" two big main shafts to discuss. In performance, soft hard plate can be connected to different PCB board and the component stereo, so under the same line density can increase the total use area of PCB, relative circuit can improve the bearing capacity, and reduce the magnitude of the signal transmission contact limit and assembly error rate. On the other hand, due to the hard and soft plate is light and thin, you can scratch flexor wiring, so for the substantial benefit to the reduced volume and DV weight.

    PCB manufacturer references

    Sep 13, 2012 | flexible PCB,fr4 pcb DV,Double-sided PCBs , Double-sided flexible PCBs ,We sincerely look

    cold solder at flexible pcb

    Single-side FPC, Double-side FPC, Multilayer FPC, Aluminum Substrate, Copper substrate, Single-side hollowed-out FPC and Double-side hollowed-out FPC

    fpc cable Technical Capability:
    Scope of products : Single-side FPC, double-side FPC, multilayer FPC, aluminum substrate, copper substrate, single-side hollowed-out FPC and double-side hollowed-out FPC
    Thinnest substrate : Copper foil/PI film: 18/12.5 um 12/18um
    Smallest wire width and distance : 0.05mm/0.05mm (2mil/2mil)
    Smallest aperture : 0.25mm (10mil)
    Resistance to flexural cracking : > 150,000 cycles
    Etching tolerance : ± 0.5 mil
    Tolerance for exposure and alignment : ± 0.05mm (2mil)
    Tolerance for projection punching : ± 0.025mm (1mil)
    Tolerance for PI film alignment : < 0.10mm (4mil)
    Tolerance for reinforcing and take alignment : < 0.1mm (4mil)
    Maximum processing area : 25cm × 50cm for double side; 25 cm × 10000cm for single side; 25cm × 25cm for multilayer




    DS-7106(HC), DS-7209(HC), DS-7408(HC), DS-7409(HC)








    DSF400, DSF400G, DSF500





    DS-7408(LD), DS-7409(LD)

    Green DV laminate(Halogen & Antimony free) High CTI value(above 600V)

    High CTI value(above 600V).Excellent electrical property.Excellent humidity resistance

    Green laminate(Halogen & Antimony free) Satisfaction of environmental regulation

    DC-200, Doosan Coverlay films, can be used to encapsulate etched patterns in flexible and rigid-flex multi-layer constructions for environmental protection adn electrical insulation.

    Copper foil thickness 400um

    CEM1, Excellent punchability

    CEM3. Excellent mechanical & Electrical properties

    High CTI value(above 600V)

    Green laminate(Halogen & Antimony free)

    Low CTE(X, Y axis 20ppm max.)


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    FR4. Green laminate(Tg 150C)

    COPPER CLAD LAMINATE (ANSI:FR4) Exelent heat resistance(Tg=170)

    Build-up board material

    Adhesiveless 2 Layer flexible copper clad can be used in fabrication of flexible printed circuits, furnished in roll form with copper on one or both sides.

    Al-based Cu Clad laminate


    COPPER CLAD LAMINATE (ANSI:CEM1), Green laminate, High CTI

    Laser Drillable Prepreg (LD)

    Forming tolerance : ± 0.05mm
    Mode of surface treatment :
    Electroplated guiding : 1-5u "
    Chemical gilding : 1-3u "
    Pure electroplating tine : 4-20u "
    Chemical tin : 1-5u "
    Antioxidatio n (OSP) 6-13u "
    Applications :
    1. Notebook Computer,DV LCD display,CD driver and hard disk
    2. Printer, facsimile machine, scanner and sensor
    3. Mobile phone, mobile phone battery, intercom, antenna and ribbon wire for mobile phone
    4. Various types of high-end cameras, digital cameras, digital videocorder and DV
    5. Magnetic head and laser head for videocorder, CD-ROM, VCD, CD and DVD
    6. Instrumentation for aerospace, satellite, medical apparatus and automobile
    7. LED bar, LED FPC flashlight, toy, chaplet and lantern decoration
    8. LED aluminum substrate, power aluminum substrate, high-power LED and copper substrate

    Aug 24, 2010 | cold solder at flexible pcb cold solder at flexible pcb What is ... and how does it pertain? * Location U600/U601 * XMp3i Rotary swithes * DV build * WNC

    cold solder at flexible pcb

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    Rigid-Flex is a combination of soft board and DV hard board electronic components into the same product. Rigid-flex PCB development process over 20 years, mostly in the early use of military, medical, industrial equipment and other fields, such equipment requirements for components: high reliability, precision, low impedance loss, a complete signal transmission quality, durability degree. Since the rigid-flex PCB light and thin, it can bend the flexible wiring to reduce the volume and weight have a real benefit in recent years begun to mobile communications and consumer electronics (digital cameras DSC, DV digital cameras, etc.) end products.

    4Layer Rigid-Flex PCB,1.2mmT, ENIG

    4Layer Rigid-Flex PCB,1.6mmT, ENIG

    4Layer Rigid-Flex PCB,1.0mmT, ENIG

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    Aug 12, 2010 | cold solder at flexible pcb cold solder at flexible pcb COLD SOLDER LOCATION U600/U601 Problem : Several XMp3i Rotary swithes were found to exibit intermittent function during a DV build at WNC

    Flexible PCB

    Feb 1, 2010 | Flexible PCB Flexible PCB "Flexible Circuit Technology" by Joseph Fjelstad is a good place to start. If you get into production, you will encounter all kinds of new challenges with print quality, fid reads, inconsistent HASL, tooling and using creative P&P programming to make up for inconsistent array offsets.

    Flexible PCB

    Jan 29, 2010 | Flexible PCB Flexible PCB The SMT MFG Process DV for Flex circuits is relatively the same as traditional SMT process, the key is your PCB supplier. The good flex circuit shops will supply the circuits in a rigid carrier or if Rigid/Flex the supplier will create a support structure made from the rigid material

    Flexible PCB

    Jan 29, 2010 | Flexible PCB Flexible PCB My company has an oppurtunity at an account, but it would require us to populate flexible PCB's. This is something we do not have any expereince in. Are there any good sources I can reference to learn about this process?

    4. Car - rigid-flexpcbin the car use, commonly used are connected to the motherboard buttons on the steering wheel, car video system screen and control panel of the connection, the side door sound or the operation of the function keys, reversing radar imaging system, Sensor (Sensor, including air quality, temperature and humidity, special gas regulation, etc.), automotive communications systems, satellite navigation, control panel and in the back seat of the front controller connected with boards, car detection system and so on purpose.

    Rigid-flex pcb is a kind of pcb that is composed of several rigid areas and several flexible areas. Rigid-flex pcb contains both the durability of rigid PCB and the adaptability of flexible PCB. Because of its strong resistance to the application environment, rigid-flex pcb is popular with the manufacturers of medical and military equipments.

    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) & SMT StencilsFlexible and Rigid-Flexible PCBsFlexible PCBs
    A Flex Circuit or Flex PCB is a patterned arrangement of printed circuitry and components that utilizes flexible based material with or without flexible coverlay. These flexible electronic assemblies may be fabricated using the same components used for rigid printed circuit boards, but allowing the board to conform to a desired shape (flex) during its DV application.

    Key Specifications/Special Features:
    FPC cable materials: PI film (polyimide) and copper conductor
    Cover film thickness: 1mil
    Copper thickness: 1oz
    Surface plated: gold-plated
    Tape brand: 3M
    Cable length: standard or customized
    Stiffener film: PI
    Application: auto/car DVD
    Produce standard: IPC-6013

    Producing instructions:

    1 Layer: 1-6 layer
    2 FPC size (max/min): min: 10x45mm; max: 250x1200mm
    3 Thickness: 0.050mm-0.2mm
    4 Through hole diameter (max): 6.5mm
    5 Through hole size (min): 0.2mm
    6 Through hole tolerance: ±0.025mm
    7 Hole copper thickness: min 8μm; max 38μm
    8 Min line width/space: 0.04/0.04mm
    9 Etching tolerance: ±20%
    10 The accuracy of the pattern on the hole: ±2mil
    11 Punching size (max): φ3.175mm
    12 Punching size (min): φ2.0mm
    13 Punching aperture thickness (max): 0.2mm
    14 Thermosetting inks tolerance: ±0.2mm
    15 Green oil (min): 0.1mm
    16 Solder pad (min): 8mil*8mil
    17 Solder pad distance (min): 8mil
    18 Tolerance (min): ±0.1mm
    19 Available laminates material: Pl, PET, FR4-Pl
    20 Copper foil thickness: 12um, 18um, 35um, 70um

    Flex, Rigid and Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly

    More Details

    Multiple Layers, BGA, Thru Hole and Mixed

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    Fast for Engineering, Product Definition, Quality

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    If it Flexes, We Make It

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    Power Design Services was created in the interest of conveniently facilitating our customer needs through partnership. We believe that only through thorough communication and diligent follow through can we expect return business. We specialize in prototype and pre-production build quantities with emphasis on quality and on-time delivery.

    1. Camera, digital camera, DV
    2. Printer, fax machine, scanner
    3. Laptop, LCD screen DV, CD-ROM drive, hard disk, HDD
    4. Mobile phone, mobile battery, walkie talkie, mobile antenna, SD card
    5. Recorder head, laser bald, VCD, DVD
    6. Car, car DVD, auto meter, GPS
    7. Aerospace, satellite
    8. Medical equipment
    9. Instrumentation

    Flex circuits offer the same advantages of a printed circuit board: repeatability, reliability, and high density but with the added “twist” of flexibility and vibration resistance. The most important attribute compelling designers to adopt flex circuit technology is the capability of the flex circuit to assume three-dimensional configurations DV.
    Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) are made with a photolithographic technology. An alternative way of making flexible foil circuits or flexible flat cables (FFCs) is laminating very thin (0.07 mm) copper strips in between two layers of PET. These PET layers, typically 0.05 mm thick, are coated with an adhesive which is thermosetting, and will be activated during the lamination process.
    Types of Flexible PCBs
    Single Layer FPC
    Double Layer FPC
    Multilayer FPC
    Advantages of Flexible PCBs

    The primary benefits of flexible PCB compared to traditional cabling and rigid boards include the following benefits:
    Reduced wiring errors
    Elimination of mechanical connectors
    Unparalleled design flexibility
    Higher circuit density
    More robust operating temperature range
    Stronger signal quality
    High vibration resistance
    Improved reliability and impedance control
    Size and weight reduction

    The material of rigid-flex pcb differs from both the common rigid pcb and flexible pcb. Rigid pcb is made of FR4 and flexible pcb is made of PI or PET. In order to comply with the joint between the soft board and hard board rigid-flex pcb is made of epoxy or resin. Compared to the rigid pcb, there are a lot of advantages with rigid-flex pcb, such as adjusting of shape, resistant to high temperature, folding without affecting the signal transmission, protecting from the static interference, chemical stability, Cost reduction and so on DV.

    The rigid-flex pcb is widely used in different fields, such as mobile phones, consumer electronics and automotive. As usual, the rigid-flex PCB in the phone appears in the hinge of the folding mobile phone, camera module, keypad, RF module and so on. For the phone, to replace the original combination of two linker and flexible pcb with rigid-flex PCB, the most important advantage is that it can enforce the durability at the active point of the folding mobile phone and the reliability of long-term use. Rigid-flex pcb become more and more important because of the high stability. With regard to the consumer electronics, DV the application of rigid-flex PCB is typical in DSC and DV. On one hand, different rigid pcbs and components can be connected by the rigid-flex PCB in three-dimensional way to improve the utilization of the pcb and relatively enhance the circuit capacity. On the other hand, the device becomes much lighter and smaller with rigid-flex PCB. In the car, rigid-flex PCB is used in reversing radar imaging systems, sensors, vehicle communication system, and satellite navigation and so on.

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