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Telegraph circuit Aluminum mcpcb aplication

Telegraph circuit Aluminum mcpcb aplication
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Telegraph circuit pcb

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Telegraph circuit pcb


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Telegraph circuit pcb

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Telegraph circuit pcb

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Telegraph circuit Aluminum mcpcb aplication

  • Telegraph circuit Aluminum mcpcb aplication
    The subject matter disclosed herein relates generally to light emitting diode (LED) devices and methods. More particularly, the subject matter disclosed herein relates to light emitter devices and methods for improved light extraction.

    Reference will now be made in detail to possible aspects or embodiments of the subject matter herein, one or more examples of which are shown in the figures. Each example is provided to explain the subject matter and not as a limitation. In fact, features illustrated or described as part of one embodiment can be used in another embodiment to yield still a further embodiment. It is intended that the subject matter disclosed and envisioned herein covers such modifications and variations.

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    A LED luminaire comprises a heat sink disposed above an LED array and in thermal communication with the LED array, the LED array having at least one red LED and a plurality of cool white LEDs, the at least one red LED providing a warmer correlated color temperature for an output light and the plurality of white LEDs providing a higher efficacy, a diffuser positioned to enclose the LED array between the heat sink and the diffuser, the diffuser color mixing the at least one red LED and the plurality of cool white LEDs rendering a red light from the at least one red LED indiscernible from a cool white light of the plurality of white LEDs, a reflector positioned adjacent the heat sink.

    Brand Name:BOSHENG
    Model Number:BS/HS - 9
    Place of Origin:China
    Galvanized ASTM A 123 Electric Tubular Pole , Metal Utility Pole , Transmission Power Pole Specification Hot Dip Galvanized Electrical Metal Utility Steel Pole for Railway in Shape ...
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    Outside Head Replacement Led Parking Lot Pole Lights Free Photocell Included
    Brand Name:Wisdom
    Model Number:WSD-SB 30W 27-50K-D-T5-S-P
    Place of Origin:China
    Outside Head Replacement Led Parking Lot Pole Lights Free Photocell Included LED Shoebox Pole Light, 300W (1000W Eq.), 5000K, 36,000 lumen, Direct Wiring AC 100-277V/200-480V, ...
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    P6 Movable Outdoor LED Screen Video Display Easy Installation For Events
    Brand Name:CHENG WEN
    Model Number:Outdoor P6
    Place of Origin:Made in China
    Product Description Pixel pitch 6 (mm) Pixel configuration 1R1G1B 3in1 Pixel density 27777 pixels/sq.m. Brightness ≥5000cd/m² Weight 25-30kg/sqm Module pixel 32*32dots Module ...
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    Pole Connected Tube Fine Bubble Diffuser Dissolve Oxygen 500mm Length
    Brand Name:BEN
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    Pole Connected Tube Fine Bubble Diffuser Dissolve Oxygen 500mm Length Tube diffuser is an assembly of high quality SILICON membrane of 63mm diameter and 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm length ...
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    The present LEDs may consume, for example, about 16 watts of energy. By comparison, a 42 watt CFL consumes 48 watts and a 100 watt metal halide may consume 129 watts. Similarly yet, a 150 watt incandescent lamp consumes 150 watts of energy. This indicates the decreased energy consumption.

    The LED light engine also has a longer lamp life in comparison with the 42 watt CFL, the 100 watt metal halide and the 150 watt incandescent lamp. Further, the LEDs 78,78′ have a cooler operating temperature than the fluorescent, HID and incandescent lamps.

    Referring now to FIG. 4, a bottom view of the lighting assembly 40 is depicted. Within the heat sink 56 the gasket 60 and projection 62 are visible. The light array or light engine 70 is positioned radially inwardly of the gaskets 60. Also extending through an aperture in the array 70, the power supply connector 76 is depicted for providing power to the array. Also shown in FIG. 4 are the fasteners 48 which extend from beneath the heat sink 56 through the top wall 55 and into the castings 45 of the casing or head 42.

    In the embodiment shown in FIG. 4, the LEDs are shown without the reflectors 79 shown in FIG. 2. Alternatively, referring to FIG. 5, the reflectors 79 are depicted positioned all over the LEDs 78,78′ in order to further control and diffuse the light emitted from the white LEDs 78 and the at least one red LED 78′. The combination of light controlling lenses 79 and the diffuse globe 24 creates a great deal of useable light with little to no glare.

    Referring now to FIG. 6, a sectional view of a portion of the lighting assembly 40 is depicted. The heat sink 56 is shown with the top wall 55 and the sidewall 57 on an inner surface of the sidewall. The helical thread segments 59 are depicted for receiving of the color mixing diffuser 80 (FIG. 2). On the upper inner surface of the top wall 55 is the gasket element 60. Radially inward from the gasket, and disposed adjacent the top wall 55, is the lower connection plate 66. Opposite the connection plate 66 is the lighting array 70 or light engine. The light engine comprises a plurality of cool light LEDs 78 and at least one red LED 78′. Further, the light engine comprises a power supply connector 76 through which the printed circuit board is powered to drive the LEDs.

    The foregoing description of structures and methods has been presented for purposes of illustration. It is not intended to be exhaustive or to limit the invention to the precise steps and/or forms disclosed, and obviously many modifications and variations are possible in light of the above teaching. It is intended that the scope of the invention be defined by the claims appended hereto.

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    Single Phase Split Prepaid Electricity Meter , Din Rail Power Meter With CIU Pole Mounting
    Brand Name:Radarking
    Model Number:RDK DDSK150
    Place of Origin:China
    Single Phase Split STS Prepaid Meters Din Rail Power Meter With CIU Pole Mounting The DDSK150 operates with a 35 mm Din Rail mounting and pole mounting accessories. Thanks to a ...

    Poulet, Lucie

    Launching or resupplying food, oxygen, and water into space for long-duration, crewed missions to distant destinations, such as Mars, is currently impossible. Bioregenerative life-support systems under development

    worldwide involving photoautotrophic organisms offer a solution to the food dilemma. However, using traditional Earth-based lighting methods, growth of food crops consumes copious energy, and since sunlight will not always be available at different space destinations, efficient electric lighting solutions are badly needed to reduce the Equivalent System Mass (ESM) of life-support infrastructure to be launched and transported to future space destinations with sustainable human habitats. The scope of the present study was to demonstrate that using LEDs coupled to plant detection, and optimizing spectral and irradiance parameters of LED light, the model crop lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. cv. Waldmann's Green) can be grown with significantly lower electrical energy for plant

    lighting than using traditional lighting sources. Initial experiments aimed at adapting and troubleshooting a first-generation "smart" plant-detection system coupled to LED arrays resulted in optimizing the detection process for plant position and size to the limits of its current design. Lettuce crops were grown hydroponically in a growth chamber, where temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 level are controlled. Optimal irradiance and red/blue ratio of LED lighting were determined for plant growth during both lag and exponential phases of crop growth. Under optimizing conditions, the efficiency of the automatic detection system was integrated with LED

    switching and compared to a system in which all LEDs were energized throughout a crop-production cycle. At the end of each cropping cycle, plant fresh and dry weights and leaf area were measured and correlated with the amount of electrical energy (kWh) consumed. Preliminary results indicated that lettuce plants grown under optimizing


    Data.gov (United States)

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration — Solar cells are the critical power source for the majority of space missions. The advancement from single junction silicon cells to current, state-of-the-art, triple...

    LED lamp power management system and method

    Science.gov (United States)

    Gaines, James; Clauberg, Bernd; Van Erp, Josephus A. M.


    An LED lamp power management system and method including an LED lamp having an LED controller 58; a plurality of LED channels 60 operably connected to the LED controller 58, each of the plurality of LED channels 60 having a channel switch 62 in series with at least one shunted LED circuit 83, the shunted LED circuit 83 having a shunt switch 68 in parallel with an LED source 80. The LED controller 58 reduces power loss in one of the channel switch 62 and the shunt switch 68 when LED lamp electronics power loss (P.sub.loss) exceeds an LED lamp electronics power loss limit (P.sub.lim); and each of the channel switches 62 receives a channel switch control signal 63 from the LED controller 58 and each of the shunt switches 68 receives a shunt switch control signal 69 from the LED controller 58.

    Product Name: EZ-ASM Assembler
    Company: Advanced Microcomputer Systems Inc
    The EZ-ASM microprocessor/microcontroller assembler from AMS are macro cross assemblers that run on IBM PC and compatible machines and compile programs for specified target processors. The EZ-ASM comes with a built-in editor, reads your assembly language source file and creates a list file and an absolute Hexadecimal machine file in the binary, Intel or Motorola formats.

    Product Name: Advantage Wireless Sensor Core
    Company: Advantage Electronic Product Development, Inc
    The Advantage Wireless Sensor Core TM is a slave companion platform to the Advantage Wireless Controller Core TM, a proven system designed specifically to jumpstart new products in development. Fixed remote sensing applications can provide convenience, efficiency, and safety. Wireless interfaces such as ZigBee
    provide rapid, low-cost, and ultra low-power installation.
    Product Name: cLGA® Land Grid Array Socket System

    Company: Amphenol InterCon Systems, Inc.
    The Amphenol InterCon cLGA® land grid array socket system brings conventional-connector-material construction to a high-performance, low-cost socket design. Gold-over-nickel plated beryllium copper spring contacts guarantee long-term connector performance, contact retention, and ruggedness in handling and use.
    Product Name: InterCon50™and InterCon1mm™ Two-Piece Connector Systems
    Company: Amphenol InterCon Systems, Inc.

    The InterCon50™ and InterCon1mm™ two-piece connector systems include board connectors, cable assemblies, and flex assemblies. With the options of cable assembly and flex assembly products, the InterCon50 and InterCon1mm systems are the industry’s most complete two-piece systems. These high-density connectors and assemblies can be found in a wide range of applications including portable electronics, desktop computers, workstations, supercomputers, and medical electronic products.

    a submount comprising a first electrical element and a second electrical element disposed on the submount;
    at least one light emitting chip disposed over the submount and electrically connected to each of the first and second electrical elements, wherein the at least one light emitting chip comprises a planar upper surface and an opposing planar lower surface that faces the submount; and
    a lens disposed on the at least one light emitting chip, wherein the lens extends flush with outermost edges of the submount such that at least one corner of the submount and a corner of the first or the second electrical element is disposed below a non-planar and inclined surface of the lens, and wherein the non-planar and inclined surface of the lens extends both above and below the planar lower surface of the light emitting chip.
    33. The light emitter according to claim 32, wherein the lens comprises a first portion disposed above the planar upper surface of the at least one light emitting chip and a second portion disposed below the planar upper surface of at least one light emitting chip.
    34. The light emitter according to claim 33, wherein the first portion and the second portion are disposed along a continuous straight, curved, or angled edge of the lens.
    35. The light emitter device according to claim 32, wherein the lens comprises a lens base having substantially the same geometry as a geometry of the submount.
    36. The light emitter device according to claim 35, wherein the geometry of the lens base and the submount is non-circular.
    37. The light emitter device according to claim 35, wherein the geometry of the lens base and the submount is circular.
    38. The light emitter device according to claim 35, wherein the geometry of the lens base and the submount is square.

    As illustrated in the various figures, some sizes of structures or portions are exaggerated relative to other structures or portions for illustrative purposes and, thus, are provided to illustrate the general structures of the present subject matter. Furthermore, various aspects of the present subject matter are described with reference to a structure or a portion being formed on other structures, portions, or both. As will be appreciated by those of skill in the art, references to a structure being formed “on” or “above” another structure or portion contemplates that additional structure, portion, or both may intervene. References to a structure or a

    portion being formed “on” another structure or portion without an intervening structure or portion are described herein as being formed “directly on” the structure or portion. Similarly, it will be understood that when an element is referred to as being “connected”, “attached”, or “coupled” to another element, it can be directly connected, attached, or coupled to the other element, or intervening elements may be present. In contrast, when an element is referred to as being “directly connected”, “directly attached”, or “directly coupled” to another element, no intervening elements are present.

    Light emitting diodes (LEDs) can be utilized in light emitter devices or packages for providing different color points of light, for example, blue, red, and green light, combinations of light having different color points, and white light (e.g., perceived as being white or near-white). Light emitter devices or packages are developing as replacements for incandescent, fluorescent, and metal halide high-intensity discharge (HID) light products.

    Conventional light emitter devices may utilize optical elements such as lenses for improving the amount of light extracted from such devices. One problem with conventional lenses is that the corners of the device submount are not fully improved for light extraction, as conventional lenses fail to extend near or proximate the edges of the submount. Currently, designers and manufacturers of light emitter devices and lighting products are trending towards using and adapting products to which use emitter devices that are dimensionally smaller. Accordingly,

    improving light extraction from the corners of the light emitter device submount is becoming more important for maintaining or exceeding expected optical properties, such as brightness levels, expected and required from a given device.

    Despite the availability of various light emitter devices in the marketplace, a need remains for devices and methods having improved efficiency and light extraction. Such improvements can be easily scalable to accommodate the demand for dimensionally smaller devices.

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