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PCB Assembly, Electronic Manufacturing Services China

PCB fabrication, Flexible PCB Manufacturer, Mass Production Beat JLC
Contract electronic manufacturing services company, PCB assembly Manufacturer
Pick and Place SMT assembly, Flexible PCB assembly Shenzhen;

We are a customized PCBA manufacturer, as an old PCBA supplier, we have good supply chain on components part, some original part cost just 30% of digikey and lower than JLC.

  • Two days by Fedex/DHL door to door:
    South Africa
Flexible PCB SMT Assembly

FPC Assembly

Rigid-Flex PCB Turnkey Manufacturing Service

BGA assembly Pick and place SMT Manufacturer
SMT assembly Flexible SMT PCB Assembly China
electronic manufacturing China

PCB assembly

electronic manufacture, circuits debug

THT soldering THT part Wave soldering Asia
Part Sourcing Component IC Part stock/procurement
SMT factory pick and place

SMT Assembly

SMT assembly Factory

Turnkey assembly Electronic SMT Manufacturing,0201/0402/0603
Pick and Place SMT factory Electronic Manufacturing China
Components part sourcing services

Stock Warehouse

Reliable Durable IC stock

Quality Control IQC department testing
Part Sourcing Reputational/Original part Stock/sourcing
Flexible PCBA electronic manufacturer

FPC Assembly

Flexible PCB Assembly

Rigid-Flex PCBA: Flexible PCB electronic manufacturer
Flexible PCBA: Flex PCB assembly Asia
PCB assembly Electronic Manufacturing services


Contract Electronic Manufacturing

PCBA PCBA repair services
HDI PCB: PCB assembly Contract Manufacturing company
Free PCB stencil

Free Sample

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Fast Prototype Electronic manufacturing Company

Electronic Manufacturing Services Shenzhen, made in China

  • Low Cost SMT PCB Assembly factory,
    pick and place automatic SMT Assembly
    Wave soldering Assembly manufacturer,
    Manual Labor insertion Assembly services
    components sourcing & procurement,
    Cable assembly
    Electronic function test.
    Turnkey Assembly services.

    PCBSINO company advantage: Senior engineer will take care of each step of PCB production from bare PCB production to electronic testing to end product.


  • Cheap Prototype PCB Assembly
    Flexible PCB Assembly
    Rigid-Flex PCB Assembly
    SMT & Thru-hole Mixed PCB Assembly
    Fine Pitch 0.2mm BGA SMT PCB Assembly
    Auto-Optical / X-Ray Inspection
    PCBA Testing
    Reliable Packaging

For furhter information, please feel free to contact us, www.pcbsino.com